Take an active and informed role in shaping your recovery from concussion. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Mental fogginess and difficulty thinking

  • Headaches or other severe pain

  • Fatigue and/or difficulty sleeping

  • Irritability or being easily overstimulated

  • Other symptoms connected to the concussion

Learn What Is Needed

If you have not already seen a health care provider, seek medical attention; if you have already seen a physician, this information may be helpful before your next follow-up appointment. Be sure to ask your medical provider about how this information applies to your individual case.

Recovering from Concussion: Strategies for Success

Recovering from Concussion: Strategies for Success Video + PDF Handout

Have you or someone in your life recently had a concussion?

It is a good idea to get your concussion recovery off to a smooth start. This video provides general information about what is needed in easy-to-understand language, as well as specific action items that you can address right away. It is intended for those who have already seen a medical provider and can help you know what to ask as it applies to your situation. There is a free handout that comes with the video to help you remember and apply the information.

Recovering from Concussion Video Package

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Access to main video (Recovering from Concussion: Strategies for Success) + Additional videos + PDF Handouts

This package provides more detailed information about addressing things that can interfere with good recovery from concussion, including pacing yourself while you return to activities, getting good sleep, addressing stress, anxiety/PTSD, pain, balance problems and dizziness, vision problems, and depression. It also has dedicated videos for populations including children who have had concussions, the elderly, military personnel and veterans, and survivors of domestic violence, as well as those who have had multiple concussions or who have unusual symptoms and/or complicating factors. Most videos involve interviews with experts in the field, and all videos come with a handout.

Additional Videos Included in the Recovering from Concussion Video Package

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Most concussions get better on their own, but sometimes you need to do specific things, or else your recovery will stall. In this video, learn about what is needed so that your recovery can move forward more smoothly.
This video comes with a handout so you can easily remember the main points. If symptoms are severe soon after the concussion or they have already lasted a long time, you might also benefit from additional information in the video package.
Recovering from Concussion: Strategies for Success Video
Recovering from Concussion: Strategies for Success PDF Handout